Brian Piper is the Director of Content Strategy at the University of Rochester. Under Piper’s guidance, the University experienced a 60% growth in organic traffic the first year. And after 3 years saw a 200% increase in organic traffic. That equates to 400,000 visits just to their news content page.

Tell me what school is out there that doesn’t want to achieve these results?!! If you’re in the higher ed space…this is a must listen to episode.

But this isn’t just for those in higher ed. Any content marketer out there will get a TON of great takeaways.

Here’s what we cover:

✅ How to create small wins

✅ What type of content works at pulling in undergrad students

✅ What’s the #1 social channel for undergrad students

✅ How to balance the right content for all different target audiences

✅ The importance of aligning content with the overall strategic direction of your business

✅ The key metrics you need to focus on

✅ What to look at in Google Analytics

✅ And Brian even provides a list of his favorite tools to help he uses on a daily basis

Brian has created a great reputation in this space and is available for presentations and consultation. To find out more contact him at:

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