This is a first for AMA RIFF because we are talking sales.

In this episode, we sit down with Michelle Myrter. Michelle is a sales coach, trainer, entrepreneur and B.A.N.K. expert.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand, almost immediately, the type of person you are dealing with? Like any person. New friend. Co-worker. Relative. New business prospect. Literally, anyone.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what they need? How they react? And how to connect with them in order to develop a better, deeper relationship.

Of course it would be!! And that’s what B.A.N.K. does.

B.A.N.K stands for Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge. This system does fall into the area of personality systems. Think Myers Briggs or DISC — but what I find unique about B.A.N.K are two things.

First, it puts the focus on the other person.

In other words, It allows you to understand the person you are dealing with and what type of personality they have.. how they make decisions. And what are their hot buttons?

Two, and here’s where your mind is going to get blown away…

This system can help you analyze the person and determine their B.A.N.K. personality type in…wait for it…90 seconds.

Insane, right?

In this show, Michelle and I get into:

👉 How she discovered the system.

👉 How the B.A.N.K system works and operates.

👉 How she used the B.A.N.K system to super-charge her business.

👉 And how B.A.N.K totally transformed her relationships with both of her sons!

That’s a really touching part of this podcast.

I’m fascinated with sales and the art and science of connecting with people. This is just a topic I find super interesting. And I loved talking to Michelle and learning more. In fact, I enjoyed the conversations so much I’m working on getting her to present to the AMA MKE chapter sometime soon.

So let’s get into it. Here is the interview with Michelle Myrter. And please hit subscribe and leave a comment.

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Here’s the show.

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