In this episode of AMA RIFF, we mix things up a bit. My sit-down is with Laura Markz. Laura is the founder of Laura Markz LLC — a company focused on helping entrepreneurs kickass not kiss ass. We meet up to talk about her upcoming presentation to the AMA on the 18th of February from noon to one. Link to the event below.

Face it, the marketing world has changed…forever. The same strategy and tactics don’t work like they once did. Leaving marketers to ponder…what’s next? Laura shares some of her thoughts on this and gives us a little taste of what’s coming up in her presentation.

I’m a big fan of her work and what she has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. So have a listen and remember to sign up for the entire presentation. And those attending will receive a free marketing guide on how they can be more effective moving forward.

Sign up for here: Creative New Strategy for Automating & Scaling Your Revenue Online

Connect with Laura here:

Instagram: Larura Markz

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