Try and spend more than a minute with Rachael Bush and not smile. I dare ya. It can’t be done. This woman has an amazing energy that I wish I could bottle! And as soon as she starts talking you can’t help but put on a smile.

And on top of that great energy, Rachael Bush has a great story to tell.

About a year ago she made the leap and began running her own business, Mova Business Solutions. Her company has a simple mission: help others make deadlines! LOVE THAT!

Think of Rachael as the Swiss Army Knife of business. Have a problem…chances are she has the solutions. What I like about her approach is her willingness to get in and really tackle a problem for her clients. And there’s no problem too big…or too small for her to handle.

In this sitdown, we go into her background from college. How she made the leap from employee to business owner and her approach to helping out small business owners that get stuck and are unsure what to do or who to turn to. Spoiler alert small business owner…ask for help.

Have a listen to the awesome Rachael Bush and try not to smile. It can’t be done!

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