#18 Hey everybody…and welcome to 2022. In this first episode of the new year, Michele and I sit down with Lindsay Golder.

Lindsay has a TON of experience in marketing. She has worked on both the agency as well as the client-side of things. And now she has decided to go it alone with her own business: Tillandsia Marketing. She shares the meaning of the name in the episode.

We also hit on:

  • How she got into the business.
  • How she decided to go it alone and start her own agency.
  • The importance of your network and how to reach out when you need them. (Great stuff)
  • And the 4 things improvisational theater can teach you about marketing. (Even better stuff)

We loved talking to Lindsay and we hope you enjoy the episode as well. Let us know.

Reach out to Lindsay on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsaygoldner/

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