It’s a new year and we’re returning with new guests! Meet Milena Dlugi, the owner of a virtual assistant company Milena Elite LLC and also our most recent AMA Board secretary. Offering a wealth of insight, skill, and experience, she shares life lessons we all can learn from.

Listen as she details how she relocated from Poland to the United States shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and came to a personal crossroads. Working fulltime for a local company, Milena felt something missing and wanted to pursue her passion of venturing out on her own. After finding inspiration through local networking events, she started Milena Elite which allowed her to bring two of her dreams—creating a company and helping others—to life. We also talk about:

  • How having a virtual assistant can give you your life back
  • Effective ways to market yourself and your business
  • Why networking and building relationships are the keys to success
  • The importance of finding a work-life balance

Reach out to Milena on LinkedIn at or at

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